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The Lookout | December 13, 2018

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Reporter turned away from LCC event

Reporter turned away from LCC event
The Lookout

The Lookout staff members take pride in covering events that happen on LCC’s campus.  That’s why our staff was so disheartened by what occurred Saturday, March 19.

The Science Olympiad is an event we enjoy covering each year. It is a fun, LCC-sponsored event in which middle and high school children compete against one another in different science-based competitions.

Covering the Olympiad not only highlights the talent of local middle and high school students, but also makes for an entertaining story or photo essay for our paper.

While one of our reporters was covering this year’s event, a man in charge of one of the competitions went out of his way to make our reporter uncomfortable.

The reporter was informed by this person he was to leave if he didn’t have a press pass, because he didn’t know who he was. The reporter left quietly, but without a story or photos.

At least twice in the past four years The Lookout has covered The Science Olympiad without any hassles or the need for a press pass.

We are shocked and disappointed that a person working one of these events would disrespect a reporter as he did in front of a public crowd.

The person could have been more respectful and talked to our reporter privately instead of making a scene. Our reporter could have gone to one of our newsstands and shown him a copy of The Lookout with his picture in it.

As reporters we try to produce the best stories we can for our audience. We do the best we can to bring exposure to the people involved in a story.

We are sure the kids involved would have loved seeing pictures of their hard work published so they could share them with friends and family.

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