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The Lookout | January 23, 2019

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Rave Guardian app provides protection

Rave Guardian app provides protection
The Lookout

Shelby Schueller
Associate Editor

LCC students, faculty and staff have the opportunity to protect themselves on campus through a mobile application called Rave Guardian. The app connects users to LCC Police with the click of a button.

LCC Police Department Director William French said the Rave Guardian application was brought to the attention of LCC Police from the same source as Rave Alert, which LCC Police use as an emergency notification system to students.

The app was reviewed and members of the LCC Police decided it would be a useful tool for the LCC community.

“We’re always looking to add safety to the campus, so it was just another tool that we put in our toolbox,” French said.

The app is available for any smart phone, including Apple and Android devices, and is free for students, staff and other affiliates of Lansing Community College, according to French.

Some of the features available through the Rave Guardian app include calling and texting LCC Police in emergency situations.

“The beauty of (texting) is that, let’s say something is going on in your classroom or in your office,” French said. “If you pick up the phone and call the police, somebody is going to know that you’re doing it. But there’s lots of people always sitting on their phone texting so you could easily anonymously just text us and we would know.”

At the dispatch center, which is monitored by police 24 hours a day seven, days a week, there is a monitor dedicated to the Rave Guardian system. When someone calls or otherwise alerts the system of an emergency, it has a flashing and audible alarm, according to French.

The Rave Guardian app also includes a safety timer in the form of an electronic escort.

Users can set the timer for the amount of time it takes to walk to a destination and shut off the timer upon arrival. If something happened to the user and the timer is not shut off, Rave Guardian will send an emergency alert to LCC Police, who would then dispatch officers to the location and try to contact the user through the phone.

Users also have the option to set up the safety timer to alert a family member or friend instead of police.

All of the reports from Rave Guardian come with the profile of the caller and the GPS location of the phone, French said.

According to, users may customize their profile to include personal information that emergency responders should know, such as “medical conditions, allergies, disabilities and more.”

French expressed the importance of downloading the app.

“I think that anything that helps us with our safety and security is always important,” French said. “You never know when something could happen. It doesn’t have to be an attacker or a crime, it could be someone having a heart attack; it could be somebody slipped and fell.

“There’s a myriad of reasons why someone might need help and you never know when this could occur. So it’s good to have the tools with you.”

To make a profile on the Rave Guardian application, visit the app store, download the free app and create a profile with your LCC email.

For more information, visit or stop by the dispatch center, located on the second floor of the Gannon Building on LCC’s main campus. Those who need help downloading the app can call the LCC Help Desk at (517) 483-5221.

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