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The Lookout | August 4, 2020

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Scholarships available for students

The Lookout

Jeremy Kohn
Editor in Chief

College expenses can put a damper on students’ wallets and bank accounts.

The solution to this dilemma for students may be as simple as filling out an application for scholarship money.

Peggy Hellwig, scholarship and operations coordinator at the LCC Foundation, said there is plenty of scholarship funding available.

“Every year the college and the Foundation give out close to $900,000 for scholarships,” Hellwig said.

Information for how to apply can be found at LCC’s homepage The deadline for 2016-17 is Feb. 12.

“If (students) need any more help (they) can go to the StarZone,” Hellwig said. “People in the StarZone are experts at getting people in and out of the scholarship application.”

Hellwig said not all scholarships require high credentials.

“Every scholarship has its own grade-point average, but they vary all over the place,” Hellwig said. “The main criteria is you have to be in good standing and you have to be enrolled at LCC.   The money also cannot be used when transferring to another school. It must be used while attending LCC.”

Student Life and Leadership Academy Coordinator Patti Ayers explained what the qualifications are for a Leadership Academy scholarship.

“The Leadership Academy Scholarship is a two-year student service scholarship for students who are interested in developing introductory leadership skills and also have a passion for community service,” Ayers said.

“When they submit their scholarship application we ask what type of leadership roles and community service they have done,” Ayers said. “The GPA criteria is only a 2.5 average … this isn’t an academic scholarship, it’s a community service scholarship.

“We do understand in your life you have a family … you have other obligations … you have a job … you may not be a 4.0 student, but you are a well-rounded student that is actively engaged in the community.”

Hellwig said there are common misconceptions about applying for scholarships.

“I think a lot of (the students) think that they have a Pell Grant, (so) why should I apply for a scholarship,” Hellwig said.

“Well, the scholarship will go in and pay for your tuition first and then your Pell Grant will make the difference … the effect of the scholarship is more of your Pell Grant can be used for other educational expenses.”

Students who apply will receive scholarship notifications direct to their LCC email address sometime in May, according to Hellwig.

She encouraged students to look over different scholarship options and apply.

“We have scholarships across the board that can help all LCC students,” Hellwig said. “So go for it and apply.”


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