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The Lookout | May 27, 2020

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Cardboard classic creates chaotic fun

Cardboard classic creates chaotic fun
The Lookout

Jaimie Bozack
A & E Editor

Sleds ranging from a Star Wars -inspired battleship to a sled barely held together by duct tape raced down an icy hill at Gier Community Center, 2400 Hall St. on Jan. 23.

The event was the10th annual Cardboard Classic Sled Contest. The race was hosted by LCC Radio WLNZ 89.7 and the Lansing Parks and Recreation Department.

The event featured over 50 contestants of all ages.

Event organizer and WLNZ employee Michael Steibel said participants competed for various awards, including: best wipeout, most creative and best design.

“People got cardboard and they made sleds out of it,” Steibel said. “They put it together with duct tape or glue and paint it up. Some people spent months getting the detail just right.”

WLNZ employee Tony Monge helped organize and judge the event. Despite the lack of snow, Monge said the event had a great turnout.

“Coming from a small town to watch 400 people watch a bunch of cardboard go down a hill was actually cooler than I thought,” Monge said. “It’s unique and it’s awesome. Some of the designs would blow your mind.”

First-year participant Fred Engelgau works in the LCC printing services department.

“My sled was like a retro race car,” Engelgau said. “Low to the ground, brightly colored and most importantly, roll-over proof.

Engelgau said his sled placed second fastest in his race class.

“The idea of using nothing but tape, cardboard, glue and paint really sounded challenging but what appealed to me most was the community aspect of the event,” Engelgau said.

“The single-minded involvement of the all the sledders, young and old, with one purpose in mind, to have fun and enjoy what living in Michigan has to offer.”

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