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The Lookout | September 16, 2019

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Students create bright futures through art classes

Students create bright futures through art classes
The Lookout

Shelby Schueller
Associate Editor

When one thinks of art degrees, fine arts such as learning to paint and draw are some of the first things that come to mind.

In the LCC Communication, Media and the Arts Department, students have the opportunity to learn fine arts and more.

Professor Fred Clark, program faculty chair, mentioned how art classes at LCC can appeal to all students regardless of major, as well as community members.

“Every student is going to have an objective,” he said. “Some students are taking a class because they just really need to not be taking anymore math and science and stuff like that. They just really need to balance their load.

“If they’re happy and enjoy the experience, I think that’s great, I think that’s a success even though they may not be art majors.”

“For many of our students, they’re going to be interested in becoming a professional artist,” Clark continued. “To me a success for a student would be that they have the skills that they need to get into a top-flight college and have a very good chance of getting a scholarship there.”

There are no real requirements to be an art major; one must simply declare it, according to Clark. There is no entrance exam and no one is turned away. However, many art classes have prerequisites which usually involve basic drawing and basic design.

According to Clark, there are over 100 courses offered through the Communication, Media and the Arts Department during spring and fall semesters.

Most of these courses are offered at LCC’s main campus, with some exceptions, and include fine art such as painting, drawing and art history, in addition to occupational art classes such as graphic design, web development, computer animation and more.

Clark said LCC is very hands-on in teaching students the computer design programs needed for real life application, and the college updates technology about every three years. The department also offers career counseling, academic advising and supplies such as electronic pens for tablets.

LCC Computer Graphics Animation student Maranda Zimmerman said the best part about taking art classes at LCC is the professors.

“They have experience in the field they teach so if you have a question, you can ask someone who has first-hand experience,” she said. “They also make sure to tell you how each thing that you learn in class applies to the real-world jobs you’ll be hunting for.

“Without these classes I feel that I would be missing out on so much valuable information,” Zimmerman said. “There are so many techniques, facets and possibilities when going into art that you may miss out on something fantastic that you didn’t know existed. My time at LCC has just really opened my eyes to all the amazing things art can do.”

In addition to creating comic strips for The Lookout, Zimmerman makes T-shirt designs, custom shoes and murals. She also illustrated a children’s book over the summer.

“Art is communication,” Clark said. “People were doing art before there was writing. People were doing art probably almost before human beings learned how to talk. It’s just fundamental.

“Great art in a museum is wonderful and that’s an important part of who we are as a society, but it’s also about advertising and communication.”

“I just want people to know that this is a really dynamic, exciting place to be and that we want students,” Clark said. “We welcome people from all over and I just hope people will take advantage of what we have.”

To see art by Maranda Zimmerman, visit her Facebook page at

For more information about the Communication, Media and the Arts Department, students are encouraged to call the department office at (517) 483-1564 and ask to speak with a faculty member. Students may also get more information by visiting

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