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The Lookout | April 12, 2021

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LCC’s DMAC program calls for lights, camera, action

LCC’s DMAC program calls for lights, camera, action

Marisa Hilts
Freelance Writer

LCC’s Digital Media, Audio and Cinema (DMAC) program is in full swing, giving students a push to making it big in the film and audio industry.

The DMAC program officially started in 2008, after the college decided to merge two previously individual courses, the Motion Picture Program and the Media Technology Program.

The course today is packed with classes that cover the ethics of media, the basics of recording and producing audio and video, and techniques students will need to advance in the industry.

“You get the hands-on experience you need to show future employers that you know what you’re doing,” DMAC student Brianna Klumpp said.

DMAC professors challenge students with rigorous and difficult lessons to prepare them for the demanding industry. Through these lessons, students can build teamwork skills and innovative techniques to help them excel in the future.

LCC alum Sam Zeeb studied in the DMAC program and is now a self-employed director and video editor.

“One of the most valuable lessons the DMAC program taught me was to never give up something you love to do versus what is easy to do,” Zeeb said.

Zeeb explained how working with the professors and learning how to operate advanced technology not only helped hone his skills, but also caught the eye of many employers.

“We have had some very successful students come through the program,” DMAC professor Jeff Hamlin added.

According to Hamlin, LCC alumni, like Zeeb, have advanced in their desired career path as successful freelancers and self-employed workers. Hamlin said some even worked on popular projects such as “Breaking Bad,” “Spider Man” and “Duck Dynasty.”

In light of those before her, Klumpp and many of her peers hope to achieve the same level of success.

Regarding the program, Klumpp said she is happy with how much she has learned, and she attributes her improved work to the intricate program.

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