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The Lookout | April 12, 2021

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All sizes of beauty focus of fashion show

All sizes of beauty focus of fashion show

Shelby Schueller
News Editor

Around 40 models of all shapes and sizes flaunted a variety of lingerie at “Project Boudior Lansing,” one of the first fashion shows in the Lansing area specifically for lingerie. The event was held Nov. 19.

“Project Boudior Lansing” was held at The Runway in Knapp’s Centre in downtown Lansing. It was a two-part event, with a contest and a show featuring designs from local designers and from Curvaceous Lingerie. The latter is a store in Old Town and one of the main sponsors for the show.

LCC and MSU students, along with professional designers, made up the nine designers who participated in the contest. It featured about two looks per designer: one plus size and one traditional size. Curvaceous Lingerie featured around 20 looks from inside the store.

Katie Raynard, 23, of Pickford, was selected as the winner of the competition for her designs titled, “Zest.”

“I wanted something very bold and vibrant to highlight just the vibrancy of a woman and just how she’s very bold and confident and loves who she is no matter what size she is,” Raynard said.

Raynard recently graduated from the MSU Apparel and Textile Design Program and currently works at The Runway.

“Zest” was a variation of her spring designs. Those designs were inspired by survivors of sexual trauma, Raynard said.

Raynard won a professional photo shoot, free access to services at The Runway, product placement in future advertisements and an opportunity to sell her product at Curvaceous Lingerie. In the future, she plans to start her own line in Lansing.

“I feel very honored to be selected as a winner because every design up there was amazing,” she said. “It was a fun community to be a part of.”

Lauren Long, owner of Curvaceous Lingerie and judge at the event, said “Project Boudoir Lansing” was a way for local designers to showcase their work while bringing something new to Lansing.

“We wanted to do something kind of fun and we also wanted to boost a local designer,” Long said. “I feel like fashion, especially in Lansing, is very difficult and a lot of my customers really, really enjoy shopping local and having a local connection to people.”

To participate in the competition, designers had to be Michigan residents and able to sew their own garments, in order to create custom fits, according to Long. Creating one traditional size and one plus size look was required.

Long said being able to design lingerie for all sizes was a main part of the show because it is one of the driving forces behind Curvaceous Lingerie.

“We are the advocates for empowering women and boosting self-esteem no matter how big or how small you are, and just the fact that we can supply things that work for people is huge,” she said.

Judges for the show included Long; Jenea Markham, a Curvaceous Lingerie employee with a degree in textile history; and Devon Bradley, LCC Public Relations director and owner of Belle Row Boutique in East Lansing.

Each look was judged based on a number of aspects including construction, marketability, fit and saleability, according to Long.

Other sponsors for “Project Boudoir Lansing” included Ellison Brewery and Spirits, Confectionately Yours Bakery and Boudoir by Mary, which provided photography for the show.

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