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The Lookout | April 12, 2021

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LCC selected for Bill Gates Foundation Grant

LCC selected for Bill Gates Foundation Grant

Jeremy Kohn
Editor in Chief

LCC is one of 30 community colleges selected to participate in a project led by the American Association of Community Colleges.

The project, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, will go toward the guided pathway and Operation 100% initiatives. The amount of the grant is $5.2 million.

A press conference led by LCC President Brent Knight and Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero was held in the LCC Administration Building on Nov. 2 to make the announcement.

Knight spoke on what being selected for the grant means to the college.

“Lansing Community College has been selected to participate in the Gates Foundation award to improve student pathways and student success,” Knight said.  “There were 1,200 community colleges that entered.  This was a highly competitive endeavor and only those colleges demonstrating the capacity and the promise to lead were selected.”

Knight said each student needs a plan to succeed, and time and money are precious when it comes to a college education.

Bernero spoke highly of LCC and President Knight.

“I can’t imagine there is a college president more in tune with the life of the students and the city than Dr. Brent Knight,” Bernero said. “I refer to LCC as the pride of Lansing … one of the best places in town … one of the best places in the region. I am not surprised that you would be chosen as one of the 30 for the Gates Foundation.”

LCC Provost Richard Prystowsky explained what having guided pathways will mean for the college.

“They are direct, clearly marked routes for students to take to accomplish their goal of obtaining a degree or certificate.” he said.

The provost said classes will be designed to teach real-world problems attached to a student’s degree, such as law enforcement students learning to write efficient police reports.

“We will also provide students with real-time focused assistance from advisers, tutors, academic success coaches and others … both before students choose their pathway and throughout their college career,” Prystowsky said.

“They will stay with those students right to the end when they cross the finish line with a degree or certificate in hand and a path to further education or a job in front of them.”