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The Lookout | April 12, 2021

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Harmony and balance come together with Aikido

Harmony and balance come together with Aikido

Jeremy Kohn
Editor in Chief

Peace of mind, self-defense and philosophy are some of the basic elements taught in the Japanese martial arts known as Aikido.

Aikido is taught on LCC’s campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays in room 252 in the Gannon Building.

Rich Feight, who has been an Aikido instructor at LCC for two years, explained the strategy of Aikido.

“Aikido is a form of Budo,” Feight said. “It is a martial art that uses your opponent’s energy to follow through a pin or throw.”

Feight said the class is based on two criteria: attendance, which is 50 percent of a student’s grade; and the final exam, which accounts for the other 50 percent.

“There is no physical exam. If students want to progress in ranking then they can do that,” Feint said. “We like to see students take Aikido twice to show some sort of commitment to Aikido before they do that.”

Feight talked about some of the misconceptions that people have about Aikido.

“One of the biggest ones probably is that you have to be strong to do it,” Feight said. “Aikido is actually the opposite. Usually people that have the lower center of gravity can do the throw.”

LCC student Daniel Terrill talked about what he enjoys about Aikido.

“It is relaxing,” Terrill said. “You know it is a good way to find inner peace for yourself.”

Feight spoke about the history and spirituality of Aikido.

“It’s a great art if you want to study something that has a bit of background in Japanese culture,” Feight said. “There is not just a physical part to it. There is a mental part to it as well.

“For example, when we start in the classroom we bow and as you step into the classroom … you are supposed to leave all of your other stuff behind and come in with a clear mind.”

For more information on Aikido and the LCC Aikido Club, contact Adviser Rob Van Oeveren at (517) 483-1686.