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The Lookout | December 13, 2018

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Borders makes it big in Big Apple

Borders makes it big in Big Apple

Jeremy Kohn
Editor in Chief

Glynn Borders has achieved his dream job of working in show business.  The LCC alumnus is the special effects director for NBC’s “The Late Show.” He has worked on the show for 18 years.

Borders, 61, attended LCC from 1973 to 1976.  Like many students who attend college, Borders was unsure of what career path to pursue.

He said he knew deep down that he loved the arts. During his LCC tenure, Borders was involved at LCC’s radio station WLCC as well as the local Boarshead Theater program.

The special effects director spoke about his experience at LCC.

“I made friends from all over, as there were many international students enrolled there,” Borders said.  “In many ways LCC prepared me for the multiculturalism of New York.”

The LCC alum was also the athletic director for the Boy’s Club of Lansing, where he coached football and basketball.  He even coached against a South Side Boy’s Club basketball team that featured a talented 14-year-old named Earvin Johnson.

After attending LCC, Borders received a full scholarship to the Hartford Conservatory in Stamford, Conn., in 1978.

After two years, Borders left Connecticut and moved to Manhattan. It was while in Manhattan that events unfolded to change Borders’ life.

“I began looking for tech jobs simply to pay the rent,” Borders said.  “The phone kept ringing – next thing I knew I had a stagehand union card and was working on Broadway.

While working on a production of “My Fair Lady” he ran across someone who worked on “The Late Show with David Letterman.”

“I met someone who worked on Letterman, who was just six months into his run at CBS,” Borders said. “Out of the blue, practically, this friend said he could get me on Letterman — and he did!”

With newfound confidence Borders started to delve into the freelance writing world. Throughout his career he has written scripts for television shows such as “Saturday Night Live,” “Rosie O Donnell” and “Conan.”

Borders has worked on special effects for “The Late Show” throughout his career at NBC. He spoke about what it was like working for David Letterman and now for new host Stephen Colbert.

“Watching David Letterman work for so many years was amazing — he is old school and has a broadcaster aura around him,” Borders said.  “I’ve only worked with Stephen a couple of weeks — He is also very quick, witty and highly intelligent. He is unique.”

Willex Merritt, an LCC alumnus and a former roommate of Borders, spoke about Borders’ career.

“I was really impressed to find out about Glynn’s level of showbiz success,” Merritt said. “ After all those years of sharing dreams of Broadway and Hollywood I could finally see Glynn was living in his dream come true – that brought a tear to my eye.”


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