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The Lookout | April 19, 2021

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Tips to enjoy Common Ground ’15

Tips to enjoy Common Ground ’15

Jaimie Bozack
A&E Editor

Lansing is home to many hidden gems. Growing up here I have always had a knack for finding new places and events.

For the average person keeping in the loop of what fun events are happening can be difficult.

Common Ground Music Festival is the definition of fun and it provides an escape from the everyday scene.

As I get older I find myself getting busier; focusing on school and growing apart from the festivals and activities around the area.

Just as I forget what fun Lansing can hold I remember Common Ground.

I attended my first concert at Common Ground strapped to my mom’s back when I was 5 and danced along to the Beach Boys. Since then I have attended every single year.

Each year I meet new people, try new food, hear new bands and come up with new bad dance moves.

I would recommend Common Ground to everyone. It’s an event for the family and friends, both old and young.

Below are some of festival tips for anyone looking to attend Common Ground this year:

Festival food: After 15 years of attending Common Ground I have spent way too much money buying all types of food. From ice cream, smoothies, pizza and cotton candy, food is always around. My tip for saving money is to take a tactical approach. Set a specific amount of money to spend on food each night. I limit myself to $15 a night for food so I don’t overspend and overeat.

Be safe: While dancing and singing along to songs it is important to remember to be safe. Common Ground is held during the middle of the summer so as the day goes on the temperature can go up. My tip is make sure water is available at all times. Don’t be like me during the 2013 AWOLNATION show and almost pass out.

Activities: Don’t be afraid to try new things. The great thing about Common Ground is it provides more opportunities than just watching music. This year the festival will provide a Zip Line that will take riders across the Grand River. The Color Run will be back for another year and makes for a colorful time. For more information about these, head to

Preparation: I will never forget the rain of 2013 Common Ground during the Creedence Clearwater Revisited show. I wore my brand new white Converse shoes and left home looking my best. I returned home with the shoes unrecognizable due to the mud. I learned to always be prepared for Mother Nature. Bring umbrellas, raincoats and even some extra cash to purchase items at the festival.

Stay off your phone: This tip is simple: Put down the phone. Watch, listen and experience what a live show is.

Drinks: When someone spends more money on drinks than on the festival ticket that is probably a sign he or she should stop drinking. My tip is to take it slow and try enjoy some lasting memories. Attendees who plan on drinking should be sure to come prepared with a backup plan and a way to get home.

The music: Finally, my biggest tip is to have fun and enjoy the bands. This year’s headliners include Meghan Trainor, Jane’s Addiction, The Band Perry, Three Days Grace, Snoop Dogg and Empire of the Sun. The music is what Common Ground is all about. For the past 15 years I have had the best experiences meeting band members, listening to music and talking to people who enjoy live music as much as I do.

For more information and festival passes head to