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The Lookout | September 22, 2019

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StarScapes showcases student’s innovation and creativity

StarScapes showcases student’s innovation and creativity

Jeremy Kohn
Editor in Chief 

Science experiments, art and poetry were seen throughout the LCC Commons in the Gannon Building on April 22 and 23 as a part of LCC’s second annual StarScapes.

LCC Biology Professor Mindy Wilson spoke about being a part of the event.

“StarScapes is a venue for students to show their innovative work,” Wilson said. “Usually students have limited opportunity to share their work — StarScapes integrates their work in a social way.”

Projects included an experiment using household items such as soup cans, balloons and mirrors to create sound waves, and a presentation on how to improve recycling at LCC.

“Trashion” outfits made using pages from The Lookout newspaper were on display by LCC’s Fashion 135 students.  Outfits included hippie attire such as bell bottoms and vests from the ‘60s, and legwarmers and leotards from the ‘80s.

LCC Fashion 135 professor Christine Conner spoke about the clothing project.

“Twenty-five percent of their garment had to be LCC Lookout — as a tie-in to the college and how we could recycle the newspaper, Conner said.

Art displays depicting the geometrical designs of various religious symbols were done by LCC students Allyson Myers and Jordyn Thelen.

LCC Business Management Student Bryan Smith did a presentation on a non-profit organization he is launching called “The Monarch Project.” The program is designed to reach out for people who are incarcerated, to integrate them back into society.

“We create what is called independence projects,” Smith said. “They are a like a theater group, café or a fashion studio where people can come in and have an opportunity to use their skills to gain work history and a sustainable income.”

In addition, LCC students Hannah Haugsby and John-Paul Rafael Chernianwski and other students from Composing 101 performed an original music song called “Spontaneity” for the StarScapes audience.

LCC History Professor Jeff Janowick, who helped organize the showcase, spoke on the event.

“It was really fun; we had a great turnout,” Janowick said. “I was really thrilled to see so much participation from students this year.”

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