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The Lookout | December 13, 2018

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‘Someone’s knocking at the door’ of Paul McCartney

SarahColumnHeadCOLORThe internet is a crazy place; am I right? I’ve seen how quickly totally random things can go viral on the internet.

I’ve written about a Blink 182 fan posting on Reddit for a chance to high-five member Mark Hoppus and the internet magically granting that wish.

Some people claim there are obvious methods, strategies and statistics proving otherwise. So I’m trying a little experiment that hopefully ends up in the lap of one of my biggest heroes.

It’s no secret I’m a Beatles fan. In fact, if you’ve kept up with my columns, there’s a Beatle reference of some sort in nearly every single column since I’ve been a writer here on staff at The Lookout.

I have written for 44 issues, with 32 columns. There have been 29 Beatles references and counting (not including this column).

It started off innocently enough – the inserted lyrics, the song titles as column headlines, etc. But it quickly became a regular thing; a subconscious behavior. A British Beatlemania behavior.

Slowly but surely the Beatles have taken over my life, and now all I need is one thing. As my time here as the Arts & Entertainment editor comes to an end (two more issues left), I’ve added an item to my bucket list.

Paul McCartney, I’ve got to get you into my life. So, in an effort to meet one of my musical heroes himself, I’m going out on a limb here. Help, I need somebody’s help, not just anybody’s help …

The universe (here there and everywhere) works in mysterious ways. For some odd reason (perhaps not that odd considering every little thing in my life is ) McCartney’s guitar player Brian Ray is one of my few followers on Twitter.

I’ve had peculiar run-ins with just about everyone but McCartney. While staying at the Omni Hotel in Indianapolis near the stadium, my mom physically ran into Rusty Anderson, Paul McCartney’s bandmate in the lobby.

We’re fairly certain our room was the one where they were staying — concert confetti and rooftop session after parties and all.

I got on the jumbo-tron at a Ringo Starr concert, spoke with the people on board the John Lennon Educational Bus, interviewed a Paul McCartney RAIN tribute artist and even stayed at the same hotel as the British royalty rock star.

So many close calls on this long and winding road, now I’m just waiting to be led to your door.

Now tell me McCartney, if you hear the internet knocking with a request from me to you will you really let ‘em in?

McCartney will be performing at Firefly Music Festival in Delaware this June. I’ve already got my tickets, but let’s share this across the universe so I can meet my idol in person.

Let’s come together again, people. Don’t let me down. #HelpTheUnknownSpohnMeetMcCartney.

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