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The Lookout | March 24, 2019

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Colorful mural graces LCC Commons

Colorful mural graces LCC Commons

Jeremy Kohn
Editor in Chief

As students walk down the stairwell to the LCC Commons they may see something new that catches their eye: a vibrant colorful mural on the wall.

The mural was the idea of LCC President Dr. Brent Knight. It was created by LCC Art Design and Multimedia Professor Brian Bishop.

Bishop said Knight approached him with the idea of the mural last October.

“Dr. Knight requested ideas that were large, filling most of the wall, and … colorful as the rest of the commons,” Bishop said. “And that the image was positive.”

The image, which measures 16 feet by 16 feet, was created over a five-month span. It was altered digitally using the software program Photoshop.

Bishop used an array of different flowers in the mural’s design.

“I started with poppies but eventually I thought the images were a bit restrictive and that the poppies had limited range in terms of color,” Bishop said. “Eventually I started thinking about Michigan flora, and ended up with my backyard as inspiration.

“Every year we have geraniums, coneflower, black-eyed susans and snapdragons; many just growing wild. That became the inspiration for this image.”

Bishop said he brainstormed with many hand sketches, which he sent to Dr. Knight and a committee, before deciding on the finalized image.

The mural was paid with a portion of the $67 million grant the college had in place for renovations.

“We saw a great opportunity for art on the wall,” Dr. Knight said. “I am delighted with the outcome.”

Bishop said he is pleased to see so much artistic expression on LCC’s campus.

“Any time you have public art I feel it is a good thing,” Bishop said. “It can make people think about art and its public role in society.”

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