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The Lookout | July 19, 2019

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‘Shooting’ stars is topic of talk

‘Shooting’ stars is topic of talk

Jaimie Bozack
Staff Writer 

“Where Stars Are Made,” has been the slogan students have heard countless times at Lansing Community College.

Vincent Brady, a 2013 photography graduate, is a prime example of a star that has been made at LCC. And it just so happens that this star takes pictures of actual stars.

Since graduating, Brady has had success taking panoramic pictures and 360-degree pictures of the sky.

Most noted is one of his photos that was selected as NASA’s astronomy “Picture of the Day.”

Brady will come back to the college this month to speak to students eager to learn, just as he was when he attended LCC. He will give a lecture on photography in the Dart Auditorium on Sunday, March 29 at 7 p.m.

“It is an honor to be welcomed back so soon to host a photography lecture,” Brady said. “The event will be open to the public with the content targeted at those eager to explore the creative side of photography.”

Brady said he has a lot of information to offer with students.

“I am going to try and share lots of photo tips at the lecture; creativity and pre-visualization is going to be a strong point,” Brady said.

According to Brady, his time at LCC helped prepare him for his current success.

“I learned a lot at LCC,” Brady said. “It’s nice to have instructors that come from diverse photo backgrounds and you can count on different advice from different instructors.”

Ike Lea, program faculty chair for the Photographic Imaging Program, worked with Brady as a student and is proud of his success.

“Vincent has done some amazing images,” Lea said. “He is constantly exploring new ways to look at the world around him.

“I feel that the photo program at LCC gave Vincent the technical skills and background that have enabled him to take his creative vision and make it a reality,” Lea said. “At the same time I hope that we instilled into Vincent a drive and motivation to explore and be creative.”

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