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The Lookout | March 24, 2019

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Meeting highlights students’ opinions

Meeting highlights students’ opinions

Jeremy Kohn
Editor in Chief 

About 40 students were in attendance to hear Dr. Michael Nealon speak in the Health and Human Services Building at LCC on March 3.

The associate vice president of engaged student learning spoke on the two Food for Thought sessions and student surveys which took place the week of Feb. 16.

“What we looked at are those aspects that really contribute to student success that keep them engaged in learning,” Nealon said.

Footage from the two Food for Thought sessions was shown to the HHS audience. Students in the video voiced students concerns on topics such as advising, tutoring, affordable textbooks and the campus Wi-Fi.

Nealon said the presentation has been shown to LCC staff and faculty. He said student voices have not only been heard, but some issues are in the process of being changed.

“This exercise was designed to hear students’ opinions on the college’s strengths and areas the college needs to improve on for us to move forward,” Nealon said.

The former dean of the Arts and Science Division shared his insight on areas he wants the college to improve on.

He spoke on such areas of improvement such as 24/7 online advising and a having a better system for enrollment.

Following the video presentation, Nealon shared results from the engagement student surveys, in which 1,113 LCC students participated.

Nealon said he was pleased to announce that 62 percent of students who participated believe they have a professor that makes them excited about learning.

Among other results of the survey, only 14 percent of LCC students engage in college organizations or are involved in after school activities.

“We aren’t trying to squeeze more out of your busy lives,” Nealon said. “We do know that this contributes to more success.”

Leadership Academy member Shelby Schueller said she thought the meeting was helpful.

“I’m happy that LCC is actively researching student opinions because, in my opinion, that’s the best way they can make improvements,” Schueller said. “I did not have time to attend the Food for Thought sessions, but I think the students who did raised pretty valid points to help the college improve.”

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