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The Lookout | December 18, 2018

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Comedian raises roof at Mac’s Bar

Comedian raises roof at Mac’s Bar

Jaimie Bozack
Staff Writer

Over 60 people packed into Mac’s Bar at 2700 E. Michigan Ave. on Feb. 23 to support local comedian Robert Jenkins during his first album recording. The album will be titled: “Achievement Unlocked.”

Jenkins said he was surprised by the amount of people who attended. Some had to stand during the show because all the seats were filled.

“It was a weird feeling when everyone in the room has come to see you,” Jenkins said. “I was not expecting that many people. It was really cool.”

Jenkins has been doing stand-up for almost three years. He said the album is a way to put his old material in one place and make room for new.

Jenkins said his style is to talk about serious topics in a silly way on stage.

“I grew up in Detroit, so a lot of my jokes are crafted from my experience and the way I think about things because of where I grew up,” Jenkins said.

He said comedy helped fill an empty space in his life.

“The most rewarding thing is someone coming up after a show and saying how much they needed a laugh that day,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins said Mac’s Bar was the only place he wanted to do the recording.

“Mac’s has been the single most important factor in me being able to do what I have done thus far,” Jenkins said. “Going up every week, seeing the same people and working on new material; it just kind of felt like home.”

Local comedian Pat Sievert, a close friend of Jenkins, said he thought the event went well.

“Robert is always pushing himself and it is awesome to see that hard work come together on a CD that everyone can have and see what he is all about,” Sievert said.

MSU student Anna Richards said she has seen Jenkins perform countless times and loves his humor.

“Robert is one of the best,” Richards said. “His ability to make serious issues funny is a special gift.”

Jenkins said he hopes to have the album done by April. It will be available on Bandcamp for download.

Jenkins said he encourages everyone to come to Mac’s Comedy Night every Monday at 10 p.m. to support local comedy.

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