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The Lookout | May 27, 2020

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Parking troubles torment students

Parking troubles torment students

Shelby Schueller
News Editor

Finding a place to park on LCC’s main campus can sometimes be frustrating, especially in the morning.

The Gannon Ramp, Parking Lot I on the corner of Grand Avenue and Saginaw Street, in addition to all three lots on Capitol Avenue, often fill very quickly. Sometimes it may seem as though there are no spots available.

Some may conclude that parking is difficult due to an increase in enrollment, but according to Dana Cogswell, institutional research assistant at LCC’s Center for Data Science, enrollment numbers have not increased this semester.

LCC Chief of Police William French said the cause of congested parking lots may stem from the cold weather.

“Everybody wants to park in the ramp because when its 11 or 12 below, we all want to park in the ramp,” French said. “The reality is the ramp isn’t big enough to hold all the students.”

However, students who find themselves circling the block looking for parking spaces may simply be looking in the wrong spot.

According to French, student parking lots P and K, located on Madison Street off of Grand Avenue, are seldom used. French said lot K has rarely been full and lot P always has available space.

Madison Street is the first street on the left after crossing Saginaw Street heading north on Grand Avenue.

French said the entrances to both lots are marked by large blue flags, which signify areas for student parking.

LCC Student Ashley Parker described the parking situation as “a little ridiculous. I think the free parking is nice, but some of the students here don’t know how to navigate parking lots.”

Parker expressed concern about students going the wrong way in the ramp, crooked parking and speeding.

“I have seen a lot of almost-accidents,” she said.

French advised students who are having trouble parking to “go to the other lots, carpool (and) show up early for your class … so you can give yourself time to find a space.”

“Don’t go just to the ramp, maybe try one of the other lots first and in the future, take classes that are earlier or later in the day or on Fridays,” French added.

To view a map of LCC student parking lots, go to

For more information about parking, visit LCC’s Police and Public Safety located on the second floor of the Gannon Building or call 517-483-1800.

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