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The Lookout | December 13, 2018

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Ashley learned skills at The Lookout

Ashley learned skills at The Lookout

Jeremy Kohn
Editor in Chief

Jayne Ashley is a 28-year-old LCC alumnus who has accomplished much in her young professional career.

She has interned for NPR radio, acquired her master’s degree in journalism and has worked for several credit unions.

Ashley attended LCC from 2004 to 2007 under her maiden name, Jayne Michalek. The LCC alumnus entered a macro completion program while she was in attendance.

While at LCC Ashley worked at the student newspaper, The Lookout.  She said she learned several valuable skills while working there.

“I started out as a news editor, but honestly I did a bit of everything,” Ashley said. “I had a column at one point, I wrote for sports, I (sold) ads.”

Ashley, who was The Lookout’s “Employee of the Year” in 2006-2007, reminisced about one of her favorite memories while working for The Lookout.

“Our photo editor Adam Renault, he and I shared that back office. He always drove me insane,” Ashley said. “He refused to never turn on the back light because it was easier for his photo editing. He and I would banter back and forth.

The Lookout alumnus had kind things to say about The Lookout Adviser Larry Hook.

“He really was my first boss that I had,” Ashley said. “You are young and you think you know what the hell you are doing. It was nice to have someone to give you guidance or give you latitude to let you try something different.”

While interviewing for a job in Seattle the LCC alumnus used techniques used at The Lookout to help land her the job.

“In the interview I took one of those papers just like Larry used to do,” she said. “I used Larry’s little red pen to go through everything to show them everything they screwed up on.  I ended up getting the job because of it.”

Hook spoke highly of his former employee.

“Jayne started out as a news editor, but really found her niche when she shifted to our advertising manager position,” Hook said. “She is smart, organized and has a friendly, infectious personality. Customers liked her and she was a big asset to our staff.

“I really enjoyed working with Jayne for the three years she was on staff. I knew she would succeed in life with whatever she chose to do because she has a lot of passion and energy to contribute to a workplace,” Hook added.

After LCC, Ashley attended Central Michigan University to finish her undergrad program. She continue her journalism career there working in the advertising department.

“When I worked at CMU I worked with 20 people just in the advertising department,” Ashley said. “I ended up going from an ad site to making, billing and doing all the paperwork to just selling and designing. I didn’t really enjoy working as much at CMU (as) at LCC because you were very limited in your job task.”

Now living in Connecticut with her husband James, Ashley has gone on to acquired her master’s degree in journalism from Quinnipiac University as well as working at Navy Federal Credit Union.

She even had a short-lived internship for NPR Radio in Hartford Connecticut.  While working for NPR, Ashley met the Governor of Connecticut, interviewed a senator from Alaska and produced her own radio show.

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