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The Lookout | December 18, 2018

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GSA Drag Show promotes diversity

GSA Drag Show promotes diversity
The Lookout

Staff Writer
Jaimie Bozack

LCC’s Gay Straight Alliance sent a positive message of diversity and acceptance during its annual Drag Show fundraiser in Dart Auditorium Dec. 13.

This was the 13th year students and other drag show participants from around Michigan have performed in front of a packed Dart audience.

Lansing City Councilwoman Kathie Dunbar hosted the event, which lasted about two hours. She introduced a variety of performers through the evening.

According to GSA Vice President Kristina Groenleer, this year’s drag show had a great turnout.

“The drag show is a key fundraiser for the GSA,” Groenleer said. “The night serves as a wonderful event to have some fun, especially after the end of the semester.”

The drag show featured participants dancing and lip syncing to popular songs while dressed as the opposite gender.

Audience members were encouraged to tip favorite performers throughout the show and help raise money for the GSA.

Groenleer said the drag show is meant to send a positive message through LCC.

“My favorite part was after the show and hearing how everyone had a wonderful time and their interest in the LCC GSA,” Groenleer said. “It’s one of my personal goals this year to revamp the GSA so it can do more good for the LCC community.”

Groenleer said the drag show is good for students to attend because of its positive message.

“It’s a fun night and helps support the LCC GSA so we can make even more strides to having a safe and equal environment, on campus and off, for all,” Groenleer said.

Attendee Melanie Matchette said she had a fun time at the event.

“I wasn’t totally sure what to expect, but it was a fun and good experience,” Matchette said. “It is a unique type of performance art that probably doesn’t get as much as exposure as it should.”

Matchette said she was happy to support the GSA.

“It’s important to support shows like this because it emphasizes the importance of being accepted for who you are,” Matchette said. “The performers all embraced being unique, and that encourages the audience to do the same.”


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