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The Lookout | September 16, 2019

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Finals Frenzy relieves students’ stress

Finals Frenzy relieves students’ stress
The Lookout

Jaimie Bozack
Staff Writer

Free hot chocolate, decorated cookie masterpieces and reindeer on campus were all a part of LCC’s Finals Frenzy, hosted by the TLC Library and Student Life Office from Dec. 1 to 12.

Finals Frenzy featured events every day for students to come in and relieve the stress of finals.

Library Communication Manager Victoria Meadows said the event brought in a lot of students.

“We went through all of the cocoa, and the grab-and-go snacks were overwhelmingly popular,” Meadows said. “We have received really good feedback from students.”

Meadows said Finals Frenzy gave students a chance to check out the library and Student Life.

“Many people haven’t been to the library, so when they hear about free snacks they come in,” Meadows said. “It gives us a chance to engage with them and expose the benefits of the library.”

Finals Frenzy gave students an opportunity to participate in events that helped relieve stress during finals. Some benefits included cookie decorating, live animals, games, fitness passes and food.

Student Life Event Coordinator Chance Miller said it was a good event.

“I think that it made the college more personable,” Miller said. “Instead of the college just handing out exams, it gives students a chance to take a break and connect.”

Student Charles Vigot said Finals Frenzy helped calm him down before his finals.

“I have enjoyed this whole week,” Vigot said. “Instead of waking up and thinking about my finals I wake up and think about what events are going on today for Finals Frenzy.”

Student Kaora Gregory described her favorite part of Finals Frenzy.

“Reindeer were outside of the Gannon Building.” Gregory said. “Enough said – it was amazing!”

Meadows said Finals Frenzy will be back for spring semester, May 4 through 8, and will be offering similar events as well as some new additions.

“We’ll be able to offer more to students for a longer period of time during the day and more interesting one-time events,” Meadows said.

Students interested in giving feedback or suggestions about Finals Frenzy can contact Victoria Meadows at

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