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The Lookout | February 28, 2021

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Wi-Fi woes plague LCC community

Wi-Fi woes plague LCC community

Jeremy Kohn
Editor in Chief

The Internet is used for education purposes both by students and faculty on LCC’s campus. Concerns have arisen from both sides regarding the consistency of the campus’ Wi-Fi.

Renee DeGraaf, the tutoring service coordinator of The Learning Commons, spoke about the problems the learning common has experienced with the system.

“Not so much this semester, but in spring semester it was definitely a concern for students being able to log onto their LCC computers,” DeGraaf said. “Some were not allowed access to log onto their personal computers at all.

“What happens is when the network goes down, students then can’t access … their online textbook. That is probably the biggest issue.”

Similar problems have occurred in other areas of importance on campus. Victoria Meadows, the LCC library communications coordinator, talked about the issues affecting the library.

“I have put in trouble tickets on behalf of students many times,” Meadows said. “I am sure that it has affected students and their ability to use the Internet to complete course work.”

Students have also experienced the frustration with the online problems that have occurred.

LCC student Scott Nelson talked about his concern with the current system.

“The Wi-Fi here is often spotty,” Nelson said. “There are times I try to log onto my computer and it won’t even allow me to get on for 10 to 15 minutes, when I am trying to sit there and use it to do homework.”

“There are some times when I am in the basement of some buildings and it won’t even connect ever. It is kind of frustrating when you are trying to use it for schoolwork at school and it won’t even let you on,” he said

There may be a light at the end of the tunnel with the Wi-Fi dilemma, as a new system will be implemented in early 2015, according to LCC Network Analyst Jeremy Hunt.

“A lot of people aren’t really aware of the wireless data explosion that has happened in just the last two years.” Hunt said.

The LCC network analyst cited issues such as lower cost mobile phones and tablets, as well as costly data plans resulted in twice the amount of users predicted. This, in turn, pushed the critical components of the existing system to its limits.

The cost of the new Wi-FI will be about $182,000, according to Hunt, and will be purchased by the college’s existing tech replacement fund.

Hunt spoke on how the new system will be an improvement to the current one being used.

“This is a complete overhaul of our existing wireless infrastructure; it will allow us to deliver Wi-Fi to more concurrent users and the student login process has been optimized for ease of use,” Hunt said.

“The security of students while sharing Wi-Fi was a concern as well, and this solution ensures safer connections for everyone.”