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The Lookout | March 1, 2021

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Alumnus Rich Tupica credits professional success to LCC

Alumnus Rich Tupica credits professional success to LCC

Jeremy Kohn
Editor in Chief

“It’s where success begins.”

These four words have been used as a marketing slogan to highlight the progress to be gained at LCC.  For an alumnus like Rich Tupica, it is more than just a slogan, it is truth personified.

Tupica attended LCC from 2006 to 2008. The 33-year-old alumnus was once an important member of LCC’s newspaper, The Lookout.

After LCC, Tupica landed a job working at Lansing’s local newspaper The City Pulse, where he handles the paper’s distribution duties.

Tupica credits his time at The Lookout as an essential role in being hired at The City Pulse.

I took in clips from The Lookout and I showed them to my boss, Berl Schwartz, who is a veteran newspaper writer. He got me on board immediately because I knew how to write news stories,” Tupica said.

One of Tupica’s claims to fame while at the LCC newspaper was convincing Adviser Larry Hook to purchase the blue outdoor newspaper boxes that still remain at the college to this day.

The Lookout adviser talked about Tupica’s character and the time he spent at the school newspaper.

“He was very enthusiastic about his writing of A&E stories and events,” Hook said. “He was such a good reporter that I eventually made him editor of the paper. He was a good leader.

“He pushed for things to get better at The Lookout. He really wanted to see improvement in the paper.”

Tupica was commended for his efforts at the student newspaper by receiving The Lookout Employee of the Year Award for the 2007- 2008 year.

During his time at the student newspaper Tupica became the first reporter to interview the newly-appointed LCC President, Dr. Brent Knight.

Tupica, much like fellow LCC alumnus Michael Caterina, also found himself within arms length of U.S. President Barack Obama during a press conference in Lansing.

“When Obama was running for President I conned whoever into getting me a press pass,” Tupica said, “and I was able to get real close to Obama during his speech at MSU.

“I saw a LSJ (Lansing State Journal) photographer and asked him if I could use a  photo for The Lookout. So there is a really solid photo of our soon-to-be President in an issue of The Lookout.”

Some writers take it personal when they have their work critiqued by other people, Tupica welcomes their criticism.

Tupica mentioned LCC Professor Dedria Humphries, who taught a Journalism class where she would critique The Lookout. Humphries told Tupica his stories would give away quotes in his transitions set-ups.

“I have never been one to get my feelings hurt when I get a story back and someone says you are doing this wrong or this is unclear, because I’d rather have them tell me then have it printed,” Tupica added.

Humphries spoke highly of the LCC alumnus’ motivation and dedication toward journalism.

“He was fun to work with as a student, because he knew he wanted to go out into the world and work at journalism, which is what he has done, and he works hard at it,” Humphries said. “I am proud of him.”

Tupica is in a transitional period in his career. He will continue to work at The City Pulse. He has also accepted a job for a West Michigan publication group known as Revue Holding Company.