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The Lookout | December 13, 2018

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Former Lookout photo editor remains a star

Former Lookout photo editor remains a star

Jeremy Kohn
Editor in Chief

There have been many students who have built successful careers from the knowledge they received at Lansing Community College. One such alumni is Michael Caterina.

The former LCC student and The Lookout photo editor now works as the presentation editor at The Princeton Daily Clarion a local newspaper in Princeton, Ind.

It is in the small town of Princeton where Caterina recently found himself taking photographs of President Barack Obama during a speech at Millennium Steel Service Company.

“It was nice to take a national event like that and localize it,” Caterina said. “Getting good pictures of the President is always fun to go in your portfolio.”

As the Daily Clarion presentation editor, Caterina’s typical day involves checking emails, editing obituaries, designing six to 12 of the paper’s pages and shooting photos for either news or sporting events.

Caterina attended LCC for three years. During his LCC tenure he received an associate’s degree in photo imaging. He also studied graphic design.

Photography Professor Ike Lea recalls Caterina’s time as a photography student at LCC.

“He is an outstanding young photojournalist,” Lea said. “He is just an honest, good person to be around, he’s going to go far.”

One of the turning points in defining Caterina’s career was the time he spent at LCC’s newspaper, The Lookout.

“When I started at The Lookout I was hired as a photo editor,” Caterina said. “And the next semester I was both the photo editor and design editor when Rachel Harper left.”

According to Caterina, The Lookout’s adviser, Larry Hook played an important role in developing his journalism skills.

“I came to The Lookout not hardly having any knowledge of writing,” Caterina said. “Larry was a really good mentor. He would grab a hold of you and work with you on a story to make it better; make it journalistically sound.”

Caterina recalls one semester where he was working for The Lookout, The Lansing State Journal and The Okemos Studio of Photography as well as attending school full-time.

“Working an 80-hour week split between three jobs and doing classes was really, really intense, but it was almost an introduction to what the real world was like,” Caterina said.

Hook, who is still adviser of The Lookout, spoke about Caterina’s time on the college newspaper.

“Michael was one of the quickest learners we ever had here,” Hook said. “He was interested in learning everything in the journalism profession; not just photography but writing, page building and interviewing,” Hook said.

“He was here two years and a half years and, by the time he left, he seemed irreplaceable. He was an amazing all-around employee; the best employee I have had in my 10 years as adviser. … I knew he would become very successful after college.”

To learn more about Caterina’s journalism and photography career, follow him on Twitter and Instagram @mlcaterina.


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