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The Lookout | December 13, 2018

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Gannon Food Court near completion

Gannon Food Court near completion


And the walls came tumbling down …

As of today, on the afternoon of Oct. 21, The Lookout can actually “look out” and see more than just a white wall. And it is an exciting view, to say the least.

Construction workers have knocked down the wall that concealed the new food court area in the Gannon cafeteria. As I walk out of my office on the second floor, I can now see the future: the soon-to-be site of Subway, Pizza Hut, Einstein Bagels and other food service stations.

There are still many final touches to be put onto the food court. Buzz saws are buzzing, dust is flying and equipment is being hauled in and out of the area. But we are getting close to having food on campus again. One construction worker told me Einstein Bagels will be open within two weeks.

It has been almost two years since the old Kennedy Café in the Arts & Sciences Building closed down. And it was more than a year ago that the Gannon Café, which featured a Blimpie restaurant, went out of business.

Since then, Gibson’s Book Store and the accompanying Gibby’s restaurant have served us well. They both have good food at fair prices. But variety has been lacking. And a place for students to just “hang out” on campus, study and grab a quick meal has been sorely lacking.

It will be wonderful for our newspaper staff to be able to just walk out of the office, stay in the warm confines of the Gannon Building, and grab a coffee, a sandwich or a slice of pizza.

Stay tuned to The Lookout for updates on the new food court. It looks like it will be a spectacular architectural site with plenty of seating and character, once the dust has settled and the ovens are turned on.

Larry Hook is the adviser of The Lookout.

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