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The Lookout | March 24, 2019

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Sculptures showcase former LCC student’s designing skills

Sculptures showcase former LCC student’s designing skills

Shelby Schueller
News Editor

The Oct. 3 sculpture unveiling at Lansing Community College was an exciting day for the campus and the city of Lansing.

Ryan Miller, a former LCC student whose work was chosen to be fabricated into sculptures, couldn’t have been happier.

Miller, 21, said he heard LCC administration was looking for students to submit sketched ideas for possible sculptures around campus.

After bouncing ideas off of officials in the President’s Office, Miller submitted about a page and a half of thumbnail sketches, four of which were chosen to be fabricated.

“I wasn’t really even expecting one, let alone four,” Miller said. “So I was very honored and happy to hear that.”

“Elementary,” the largest sculpture Miller designed, is a 25-foot set of three pencils, each of a different size. This piece stands just outside of the Early Learning Children’s Community.

Students with a passion for reading might enjoy, “Literature,” a stack of four limestone books located on the north side of the A&S building.

“Pages,” is a limestone book open for all to see in between the TLC and Mackinaw buildings.

Miller’s fourth sculpture is a set of three widely used math symbols. “Sigma, Infinity, Pi” is made out of aged copper and can be found near the Gannon building, across from A&S.

Miller received his Associate in Arts degree from LCC and now continues his education at Michigan State University. He said the sculptures are his way of leaving a mark on the LCC community.

“I’m truly happy that (the sculptures) are up, and I really enjoyed my time at Lansing Community College,” Miller said. “This is really a way for me to leave a physical aspect that will be here for years to come.

“It really rounds out my experience here at the college and I’m grateful for that.”

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