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The Lookout | December 18, 2018

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EMSS department prepares for emergencies

EMSS department prepares for emergencies

Jaimie Bozack
Staff Writer 

When there are emergencies on campus, LCC’s Emergency Management and Safety Services Department has students covered.

The EMSS Department is located adjacent to the LCC Police and Public Safety Office in the Gannon Building. Employees are trained to be prepared for any emergency situation, from tracking the weather to making sure all the fire alarms work throughout buildings.

According to EMSS Director Tom Helms, the EMSS is made up of two full-time employees, one student employee, one part-time safety officer and five bus drivers. The department covers all of LCC’s campuses.

“We are responsible for keeping LCC’s campuses a safe place to learn and work,” Helms said. “This includes maintaining campus safety systems, building fire alarm and suppression systems, fire extinguishers, Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) and many other behind-the-scenes systems that keep our employees and students safe.”

Helms said his biggest duty is to be prepared at all times for any situation.

“I am constantly working to ensure the LCC community is prepared in the event of an emergency,” Helms said. “To accomplish this the EMSS department offers trainings and handout materials to the LCC community.”

Kristie Mackie is the EMSS health & safety officer for LCC.

“It is my job to educate our LCC community about safe working and learning practices to minimize potential injuries and risk,” Mackie said.

According to Helms students should know the EMSS is there to keep them safe while they are at school.

“We take care of the things very few people think about so they can focus on their education,” Helms said. “Even though we are behind the scenes, we make a daily effort to ensure their learning environment is as safe as possible.”

Helms said the most important role in safety are the students themselves.

“We cannot do it alone; safety and preparedness is a personal choice as well.” Helms said. “If students observe an unsafe practice or environment on campus, they should report it to us.”

To find information on the EMSS Department, go to Send an email to to report any potential emergencies on campus.

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