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The Lookout | March 24, 2019

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Satellite dishes removed from campus; student seating area coming soon

Satellite dishes removed from campus; student seating area coming soon
Nikki Nicolaou

Shelby Schueller
Staff Writer

LCC has made noticeable changes to the appearance of the campus with the renovation of the Arts & Sciences and Gannon buildings, and continues to do so with the removal of the satellite dishes between Dart Auditorium and the Gannon Building.

Students may have noticed trucks moving rocks, dirt and other shrubbery away from the area during the past week and a half as construction went on and satellites were taken down.

“The satellite dishes have been in place for more than 40 years,” said Dr. Brent Knight, president of LCC. “There were four of them although only one was in use.

“Technology has changed with the advent of cable, PCs, digital, internet, streaming, etc. LCC did not need all of the dishes nor all of the space that they occupied.”

According to Knight, the space will be renovated into an area for outdoor student seating. The design for the space is still in an early stage. Knight said it is likely the area will have outdoor furniture for both students and staff to utilize, as well as an awning so the seating can be enjoyed in all weather.

In addition to some landscaping around the area, the college plans to erect a statue of two steel dueling guitarists to coincide with Dart Auditorium, where music concerts are often held.

A new, smaller satellite will be constructed on top of the TLC building to continue the work of the one satellite that is still in use by the LCC TV station, according to Administrative Services Executive Director Pat Engle, overseer of the project.

Engle said all of the rocks, shrubbery and old satellites will be either reused or recycled, except for some very old and “rooty looking” bushes.

“We reuse everything we’ve got unless it’s really old like the bushes were,” Engle said. “(The satellites) will be recycled ….The components we can use, we’ll keep, and the rest of it will be recycled.”

A date for the completion of the seating area has not yet been determined, but Engle believes the satellites will be completely removed by the first day of fall semester.

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