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The Lookout | December 13, 2018

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Lansing Art Gallery presents ArtQuest

Lansing Art Gallery presents ArtQuest
Nikki Nicolaou

Jaimie Bozack
Staff Writer

The Lansing Art Gallery is holding a mobile scavenger hunt and walking tour in the heart of downtown Lansing called ArtQuest.

The event began June 1 and will go until Aug. 30, so there is still plenty of time to check out the art and get in on the action.

ArtQuest features nine original works created by Michigan artists: Kate Cosgrove, Doug DeLind, Lisa Farnum, Laura Flugga, Maureen Berquist Gray, Jana Hanka, Barbara Hranilovich, Paul Nilsson and Pamela Timmons.

According to Gallery Coordinator Sara Pulver this event is a one-time, summer-long event brought to life through the Sense of Place in the Arts Grant.

“ArtQuest is a way to get people excited about art and historical downtown Lansing,” Pulver said.

Quest participants will navigate their way by GPS in search of nine works of art hidden in downtown Lansing.

According to Pulver, this is a good way to tour the town.

“Our hope is that participants have a lot of fun, and learn a little something too,” Pulver said.

ArtQuest covers approximately three miles from beginning to end, with many opportunities for resting along the way.

The hunt is available in three levels and is appropriate for all ages.

Level one: This level is for first-time treasure hunters and uses listening, reading and counting skills. It is the easiest level.

Level two: This level is ideal for a less than expert treasure hunter. Skills required include reading, listening, math and/or deduction skills.

Level three: This expert level is for the experienced treasure hunter, or for someone who enjoys a challenge. Quest participants in this level will require Internet access.

In each level participants will be asked to call the phone number on each piece of artwork. They will hear the artist of the piece they are viewing talk about the piece.

Participants then have to answer a question correctly to get the next location.

Pulver said the mobile scavenger hunt has gone well over all.

“Some folks really enjoy the mobile aspect of the scavenger hunt, and others prefer to just walk the tour and use the phone numbers located on each sculpture to learn about the art,” Pulver said. “That’s kind of the beauty of it. You can kind of choose your own adventure.”

Quest participant Josie Kent said she really enjoyed the hunt for art.

“Looking at all the art local Michigan people have done is inspiring to me,” Kent said. “The only thing more inspiring than the art is the city you get to walk through while looking at the art.This is one of my favorite events so far this year.”

For more information about the quest head to email Or stop in and visit the gallery at 119 N. Washington Square in downtown Lansing.

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