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The Lookout | August 19, 2019

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LCC hikes tuition, assesses parking fee

LCC hikes tuition, assesses parking fee
Nikki Nicolaou

Jaimie Bozack
Staff Writer

Lansing Community College plans to raise the cost of tuition by 2.4 percent this fall, and also assess a mandatory parking fee for all students.

The tuition increase is equivalent to $2 per billing hour for students, according to Lisa Webb Sharpe, LCC’s senior vice president for finance, administration and advancement.

The Board of Trustees passed a $124.6 million budget June 16, and the tuition increase and parking fees were major points in the budget.

LCC will charge every student a new $5-per-billing-hour parking fee, which will allow them to park in the college’s lots and ramps with no additional charge.

Students who don’t drive to LCC will also be charged this additional fee, but in the long run it will actually be saving students money, Webb Sharpe said.

Webb Sharpe said the new parking fee will give students more opportunities.

“It will allow students to feel free to stay on campus, to meet with faculty, meet with advisers, meet with fellow students, make stronger connections without worrying about how much money is in the parking meters,” Webb Sharpe said.

“The main thing is that we want students to feel more comfortable on campus, instead of constantly worrying about how much money is in their parking meter they won’t have to because it’s included.”

According to Webb Sharpe, the new budget takes into consideration the declines in enrollment in all community colleges.

“I’m very proud to say that even with the increase in tuition, LCC is still number two in lowest costing community colleges in Michigan,” Webb Sharpe said.

Engineering student Felix Guden said he sees some hope in the changes but does not agree a tuition increase is the way to go.

“I’m sure raising tuition will pay off in the long run and will be good for their budget, I just wish it was good for my budget too,” Guden said. “I don’t even drive; I shouldn’t have to pay more tuition to park.”

LCC student Nick Sagolla said he thinks this change will be good for everyone.

“I think there are more positive effects of increased tuition,” Sagolla said. “It will allow the college to be able to afford new supplies and renovate facilities. The increased tuition could be used to pay teachers a higher salary.”

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