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The Lookout | April 25, 2019

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Gannon renovations proceed

Gannon renovations proceed
Nikki Nicolaou

Andy Bumstead
Staff Writer

LCC students, faculty and staff will have a new and improved Gannon Building to look forward to this fall semester.

Patricia Engle, the director of facilities at LCC, and is well-informed on the project’s details. Going all the way back to 2010, Engle said the entire LCC campus was analyzed to determine what improvements could be made.

It quickly became apparent the Gannon Building was in dire need of serious changes, Engle said.

Construction on the project began in December 2013, and is expected to be finished by this fall.

One of the biggest alterations is the introduction of four new restaurants, including a Subway and Pizza Hut Express. The food service areas are scheduled to be up and running by October, Engle said.

From architects and engineers to construction workers and inspectors, there are many different people involved in the construction. Engle estimated that around 250 people will have worked on the project by the time it is finished.

The harsh winter had its effect on the construction process from the very beginning, Engle said.

“The schedule of work was modified to delay the demolition of exterior walls and windows until spring,” she said.

The total budget of the renovation project is $18.3 million. Despite the rough winter altering the scheduling, Engle said workers are both on time and on budget with the plans.

Several departments that moved out of the Gannon Building last fall will move back into the new facility in the coming month. Various divisional offices will move in from June 3 to 5.

Employees now on the first floor of Washington Court Place and the Continental Building, including Student Life and Career Employment Services, will move June 16 to 20. Displaced workers now in the Technology and Learning Center will move back from June 23 to 27.

Engle said she believes the changes being made will go a long way toward improving LCC’s campus.

“The renovated Gannon Building will provide a place that students will be able to network and build relationships with their academic peers,” Engle said. “Students will be able to easily get information and the services to help them succeed.”

Engle isn’t the only one looking forward to what the new Gannon Building will have to offer.

“I’m excited for the new look that LCC will have, and also for the new restaurants that are opening,” LCC student Anthony Bercheny said. “As of now, we don’t have anywhere to go to get something to eat around here.”

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