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The Lookout | September 22, 2019

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Early LCC hosts exhibit of children’s artwork

Early LCC hosts exhibit of children’s artwork
The Lookout

Chelsea Allen
Staff Writer

Visitors to the HHS Building at LCC April 21 could see children’s artwork on display while roaming through the garden level.

The Early Learning Children’s Community, LCC’s daycare facility, held its annual exhibit, showcasing children’s capabilities and complex thinking through art, photos and other pieces.

Guests were asked to sign an attendance book while entering and beverages and snacks were provided as well.

Early LCC Assistant Director Lydia Saldivar creatively named the theme for this year’s exhibit, “Our Discoveries.”

“We wanted to showcase the process of children’s thinking and their learning,” Saldivar said. “(In) years before we did a lot of arts-geared materials and it was product based in the sense that we just showcased their work and we didn’t have any explanation.”

Paintings, sculptures and handcrafted projects were only some of the pieces of work on display.

“What’s nice about this, too, is that you can see different languages and how children express themselves and how they communicate,” Saldivar said. “It’s not always through verbal skills. Sometimes it’s through dance, movement, creative art-like drawling, wire work and woodworking.”

Six classrooms were represented during the showcase with the age ranging from 6 weeks old to 5 years old.

“With infants they use a lot of hand painting and textures because they learn through touch, whereas through preschool you might see the detailed work of representation of their ideas,” Saldivar said.

Attendee Kaylin Hagerman expressed her liking for the projector room, where children could interactively play with shapes on projector screens.

“I really liked how they had a room where kids could interact with art right on the spot,” Hagerman said. “It was nice to see them having fun and getting to express themselves.”

For more information on the exhibit or about Early LCC, visit

“Seeing a child’s artwork is truly amazing and inspiring,” Hagerman said. “I highly encourage for anyone to attend the exhibit for the next years to come.”

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