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The Lookout | April 25, 2019

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Science Olympiad tests young minds

Science Olympiad tests young minds
The Lookout

Jeremy Kohn
Co-Editor in Chief

 The Arts and Sciences Building recently became a stage for future scientists.

LCC held its annual regional Science Olympiad March 15. Teams from 14 tri-county area high schools, as well as 13 area middle schools, attended the event.

The Science Olympiad pits high school and middle school students head to head in various events. Individuals were were tested on science and their ability to work together as a team.

The events at the competition included identifying fossils, abuilding vehicles and robots. Chemistry and forensics were used to determine a fictitious crime scenario.

LuAnne Clark, a LCC professor and volunteer, spoke on the importance of this event for LCC and the young people interested in science.

“Back 30 years ago, the state approached us about using the site,” Clark said. “Carol Hurlburt was our program director at the time and she said, ‘Sure we can do that,’ and we have been doing it ever since.”

Nickalas Swihart and Sean Oliver, students from Haslett High School, competed in a forensics event. They were given a crime scenario and had to work as a team to solve the puzzle.

“We have a test on various substances and we have to figure out who did the crime,” Oliver said.

“They give us the information on the powders or substance, and we just do internet research on them,” Swihart said.

Lansing Catholic student Jaideete Praisad constructed a boomilever, a device that is designed to hold as much pressure before breaking.

“Basically we make it out of wood, there’s a hook. You hook it around and it is designed to hold as much weight as possible, to calculate the score they take the amount you held over how much mass it has,” Praisad said.

Praisad spoke about what the Science Olympiad means to him.

“I view it as a nice way to learn outside of school, and I like the chance of competing,” Praisad said.

The Olympiad will be held again next year, providing young students an opportunity to explore in a field they love.

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