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The Lookout | May 31, 2020

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AMA encourages young entrepreneurs

AMA encourages young entrepreneurs
The Lookout

Sarah Spohn

A&E Editor

The room was filled with creativity, innovative ideas as well as suits and ties.

LCC’s American Marketing Association’s (AMA) entrepreneurship event took place in the auditorium of West Campus on Wednesday, Feb. 26.

LCC AMA Executive Vice President Brent Bos opened the event. He spoke about the goal of the club and purpose of the event.

“We (the AMA) like to foster an entrepreneurial spirit,” Bos said. “We recognize how truly vital to our community entrepreneurialism is. Small businesses — they’re the lifeblood of our community.”

Five business proposals were presented in front of community business professionals and audience members in the West Campus auditorium. Business proposals focused on the music industry — an independent record label, and new social gaming/music streaming combination app.

Presenters also proposed their plans for an expanded catering business and a community portal app, as well as a futuristic system of payment.

Prizes up for grabs included $3,000 in cash to be awarded at the judge’s discretion. MSU International Business Major Derek Bebiak won the first-place prize. Bebiak was awarded $800 from the judges. His proposal was for something called “The Song Market.”

The proposal is a plan to revolutionize the way people discover, listen to and promote music. It’s a combination of social gaming and streaming music. Bebiak also won the People’s Choice Award, earning an additional $100.

The second-place team was made up of LCC AMA students Zach Basler and Elena Greer. The pair proposed Bitcoin — tomorrow’s finance, today. The rest of the presenters were awarded $200 each.

First-place winner Bebiak spoke about his success in the event.

“It’s fantastic, just seeing other people like myself who have the strength and same struggles that I have, in trying to be an entrepreneur and turn an idea into a business,” Bebiak said.

Also available to the presenters and audience members was a Q&A with a panel of community business members. Students asked questions about steps to take toward their goals.

Bebiak said he enjoyed learning of the success of fellow entrepreneurs.

“Their feedback is probably the most valuable thing that we all received today,” Bebiak said.

LCC alum and panel member Jason Green of Western Mutual gave his advice to all in attendance.

“Always keep your eye open for the opportunity,” Green said.

Student Heather Fuller was encouraged to attend by fellow AMA members.

“I like the ideas; these guys are pretty young to be coming up with business ideas, but so far, they’re pretty impressive,” Fuller said.

AMA President Domi-nique Vaughn said he was pleased with the event.

“I think it went well, it definitely grew. Last year was the first year we did it,” Vaughn said. “We did a better job of promoting it, getting in classrooms, and getting the word out about the event this year.”

Attendance was up this year, and all audience members received a $10 giftcard to Crunchy’s, the event sponsor. All five presenters won part of the cash prizes.

Perhaps AMA Adviser Bill Motz summed up the event the best. “Another great entrepreneurial event,” Motz said.

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