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The Lookout | July 10, 2020

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LCC re-energizes with mobile charging stations

LCC re-energizes with mobile charging stations
The Lookout

 Jeremy Kohn
Co-Editor in Chief

 “Students on the go” can get caught up in their hectic schedules and forget about charging their electronic devices.

The LCC Information Technology Services (ITS) came up with a solution to this problem and brought mobile charging units to LCC’s campus.

Kevin Bubb, the chief information officer of ITS, was a key figure in bringing this new technology to LCC.

“I was at a conference last fall where I saw several of these stations being used, and thought it might be of some value,” Bubb said.  “I checked with Dr. (President Brent) Knight who said to give it a shot to see what students would think.”

After getting the go-ahead from Knight, Bubb contacted a company called Kwikboost, which gave LCC three stations for a 30-day trial.

Stations were then placed in the TLC and the Arts & Sciences (A&S) buildings. In the TLC building, students were able to charge their electronic devices in the library. In the A&S, charging stations were in the learning commons and fourth floor studying area.

“We didn’t really do any marketing, we just asked the employees in those areas to keep an eye on them and see if they were getting any use,”  Bubb said.

Students soon became aware of the stations and began using them more frequently.

With the stations becoming a success, an additional 20 stations were bought and placed throughout various campus locations.

LCC students Zaire Chisem and Nestor Naire talked about the convenience of having the stations on campus.

“I think it helps out the campus … like if you forget your charger, you can easily come to the library and easily charge it up while you do your work,” Chisem said.

Added Nare: “I saw similar ones at MSU;  I think they are a good idea. They are convenient. It is better to have them then not to have them.”

The charging stations are now located in the following locations:

A&S Building:  Learning commons; collaboration/study lounges (rooms 201, 301 and 401).

HHS Building:  Garden level along the garden wall – two units; first floor SE entrance sitting area; second SE floor sitting area.

TLC Building: Lobby; library second floor near student seating; library third floor center of student study area; library fourth floor student study area.

West Campus:  Cafeteria – two units; computer lab; second floor ARC; second floor Atrium; second floor student commons.

East Campus:  First floor student commons; second floor outside of computer lab.

St. Johns: Main lobby outside of LCC office.

Livingston: Second floor student commons.

Gannon Building – TRIO office (room 142).

Charging stations will be installed in the Gannon Building once renovations are complete. Locations are yet to be decided.

Any questions or concerns about the charging stations should be directed to the Help Desk at 483-5221 or


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