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The Lookout | July 10, 2020

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Sleds overtake Gier Park

Sleds overtake Gier Park
The Lookout

Jaimie Bozack

Co-Editor in Chief

 Over 50 cardboard sleds of all shapes and sizes raced down a hill outside Lansing’s Gier Park Community Center for the eighth annual Cardboard Classic on Jan. 29.

Sleds ranging from a giant robot to pieces of cardboard barely held together by duct tape were displayed throughout the day despite frigid, near-zero conditions.

LCC’s radio station WLNZ 89.7 sponsored this event by promoting it, organizing registration, doing setup and getting the sleds moving.

This was LCC radio employee Brendan Hamilton’s third year working at this event. He said this year’s event featured a record turnout.

“It just goes to show that cold or no cold, people will come out and have fun at a great, creative community event,” Hamilton said.

Some participants said they spent a couple hours to build their sleds. Others, like participant Sarah Lince, spent much longer.

“Our sled took us about two weeks and nine rolls of duct tape to make,” Lince said prior to the race. “We did a test run before the event and our sled kind of went down. We hope that once we got on the hill it’ll just go.”

For other participants it wasn’t as much about winning or making the best looking sled as it was more about spending time with family. Participant Jeff Varricchione said he was just looking for some father-son bonding time.

“We made our sled a couple hours ago but my son was pretty excited about building it,” Varricchione said. “Now that it’s almost time to race it, he’s a little nervous to ride down the hill in it.”

Hamilton said the event was a big success.

“I think this is an amazing event to meet people, express your creativity, and do something different,” Hamilton said. “The coolest thing to me is knowing that this was a true bonding experience for the people who build the sled.”


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