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The Lookout | July 10, 2020

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Charming Love Story comes to Dart

Charming Love Story comes to Dart
The Lookout

Sarah Spohn

A&E Editor

 It was love at first sight sealed by a first kiss, followed by another, and another. Six weeks later, the young couple Rita Boyle and Peter Hoskins wed.

Vows were exchanged, and a mystery wedding guest asked to send the bride off with a small kiss. The lights suddenly flicker, and a supernatural switch changed three lives forever.

LCC Performing Arts Department will present a special romantic comedy live on stage for audiences two weekends this February.

Prelude to a Kiss, written by Craig Lucas and directed by Andy Callis, will take place on Friday & Saturday, Feb. 14-15 and Friday through Sunday, Feb. 21-23 in Dart Auditorium.

Second-year LCC performing arts student Katie Dufort plays Rita Boyle, a young conservative woman in the upcoming play. Dufort said her favorite part about performing in this play is being able to play multiple roles on the same stage.

“I think being able to be two different people in one play is really challenging, but also exciting,” Dufort said.

Garrett McCord, who plays Peter Hoskins, stars alongside Dufort in this lighthearted love story. He spoke about the on-stage chemistry this type of play requires.

“This is our first time performing together and I guess it wasn’t that hard for us to get comfortable.  And actually, Andy (the director) told us that he saw some natural chemistry between us … so that definitely helps a lot — having someone you can work with,” McCord said.

The play itself focuses largely around kisses, hence the name. Callis spoke about the meaning behind the play’s name and the message surrounding this storyline.

“There are a lot of kisses in the play. And in a way, the whole play is a prelude to a kiss. And the kiss is a moment of love,” Callis said.

“And so really, I hope that we can find the love between the characters as we get closer to opening night. The love between their souls, and that’s what’s beautiful about the play is … it makes you think about that.” Callis added.

Both the actors and directors encourage students to make the play a part of their Valentine’s Day plans with a special 2-for-1 ticket special for the Friday, Feb. 14 show.

“With a date or without a date, you’ll still enjoy the show. It’s sentimental. It’s funny. It’s romantic,” Dufort said. “No matter how old you are or who you are, I think that you can relate to some part of it and really enjoy that and leave the show with a smile on your face.”

There is some mild adult humor and the show is recommended for audiences 13 and up.

Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for students and seniors. For more information, visit


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