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The Lookout | May 27, 2020

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Idol winner to perform at Loft

Idol winner to perform at Loft
The Lookout

Sarah Spohn

A&E Editor

It’s been five years since the fresh-faced Kris Allen was named the winner of American Idol.

He’s been working on a new record, got in a car crash that forever changed his music, and had a baby boy with his wife.

“Last year was an interesting year. I had three surgeries, and was in and out of casts. I broke my wrist pretty severely. It changed the way I play guitar and the way I write songs,” Allen said.

Despite the hardship, Allen is determined to produce songs he and his fan base can enjoy.

Currently writing and recording his third album, Allen spoke about the new material.

“I’ve been writing most songs in Nashville, and at home. So it’s a lot more based around trying to write great, great songs. This is the first time I’ve worked here in Nashville,” Allen said.

Many things have changed for the artist over the last few years, including music. His second album, Thank You Camellia, allowed for self discovery and an educational value.

“Each record has gone through its stages,” Allen said. “I do feel like I learned a lot on the second record.”

Now, Allen is more excited than ever for his newest record.

“It feels like it’s more true to myself,” the singer said.

Although the TV spotlight is off of Allen, he’s still shining on stages in small-town America night after night.

“Last year we did a lot (a lot) of touring. It was a lot of fun. The band is amazing,” Allen said.

All those present at the Loft on Feb. 9 are in for a treat. Although Allen is a soft spoken Southern gent, he welcomes crowd participation while on stage.

“I really enjoy that as an entertainer. In the past, I have taken requests while on stage,” Allen said.

He laughs about it becoming a ‘can I remember the lyrics?’ contest.

Allen has performed alongside some of the biggest names in the biz.

“We’ve been able to go out with a couple of amazing artists. It’s hard to beat.”

Keith Urban, Maroon 5 … I listened to them in high school; Songs About Jane was one of my favorite records,” Allen said.

New tunes are on the way from Kris Allen, who said he hopes to have the music done by the end of January. Changes over the last year brought about new songs, and a way of doing things.

“It’s a totally different way of making a record … It’s really inspiring for me. Hope the fans will enjoy it, too,” Allen said.

Since American Idol, Allen has seen his fair share of ups and downs, but the artist remains diligent in one thing–learning. “You live and learn … and try to learn from the bad.”

Allen is performing at the Loft in Lansing on Sunday Feb. 9.

Tickets are $20 and doors open at 7 p.m. For more information and tickets, visit

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