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The Lookout | May 26, 2019

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Exploring campus-area dining options

Exploring campus-area dining options
The Lookout

Jeremy Kohn

 LCC Lookout Co-Editor

With the construction on the Gannon Building continuing indefinitely until summer, this means the LCC cafeteria facilities will be closed to the public until construction is complete.

Fear not, new or returning students of LCC, there are plenty of other eatery options available to satisfy your hunger.

Besides the Gannon cafeteria there has always been  another option for those wishing to grab a quick bite while on campus.

Gibson’s and Gibby’s, both located at 320 N. Capital Ave., is within walking distance from campus and offers a variety of menu options.

Gibson’s cafeteria offers items such as specialty sandwiches, wraps and burgers, as well as offering a salad and taco bar. Gibson’s sister store, Gibby’s, offers gourmet subs on fresh cooked bread, as well as a variety of wraps and homemade slices of pizza.

“We have definitely seen a big jump in sales since Gannon has closed,” said Matt Buche, one of the owners of Gibby’s.

“Things are going good; lunches are spread out because of  a difference in people’s classes so the rise comes at different times.”

Students on the move between classes who wish to eat a quick meal may prefer delivery options. Jimmy Johns gourmet subs is located on Washington Square and will deliver subs to  “freakishly fast.”

Those who crave a delicious pizza pie franchise like Happy’s or Jet’s can also have delivery to the location of choice on campus.

Those who decide they need a break from campus all together can visit several restaurants downtown to relax while on lunch break.

Those who crave Mexican food can try Jalapeno’s, located on Washington Square. Those who find Middle Eastern food more to their liking can visit Aladdin’s Express.

Empire Szechuan houses a fine Chinese buffet option.

“I would go to Empire Szechuan,” LCC student Joel Rieter said. “They have a $7 all-you-can-eat buffet option. Or if you have a lot of money and feeling classy there is always Troppo.”

So don’t let the woes of the Gannon construction deter you from the many options that LCC and the restaurants surrounding campus have to offer.


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