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The Lookout | December 13, 2018

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Construction of the Gannon brings new changes

The Lookout

Jaimie Bozack

Associate Editor

As students walk into the Gannon Building during spring semester, they may notice the sound of construction echoing throughout the rooms, or packed boxes ready to be moved.

With the now underway reconstruction of the second floor of the Gannon Building, big changes are occurring.

According to, all Student Services areas will be moved out of the Gannon Building by the end of 2013.

According to Dean of Students Services Evan L. Montague, most Student Services offi

ces will be moved to the TLC Building and the Continental Building.

“These were the most convenient areas given all available spaces,” Montague said. “Students will be able to receive all assistance and resources.

Advising, Information, Testing and Service, which includes the Star Lab and Financial Aid office, will all be moved to the TLC Building for spring semester.

Support services, which include Student Life and Counseling, will be moved to the Continental Building on the first floor.

The changes will take some time for students to adjust to, but they are only for a limited time, until the Gannon renovations are completed next summer.

“The second floor of the Gannon Building used to be a bunch of people everywhere, and now it’s just a bunch of construction everywhere,” said LCC student Danny Beachnau.

This move won’t just affect students but the student/employees as well.

“I am excited for the move; it’s a new adventure,” Student Life employee Jacob Hartges said. “I am willing to endure some discomfort because it’s worth it in the big picture.”

According to Montague, the relocated offices will remain through spring semester of 2014.

“Once it’s finished, all core student services will return to the Gannon Building in an open, easily accessible space,” Montague said. “The new student service model is flipped to bring services and support out to students.”

The best way to see all the details is at The renovations include a new student services wing and student commons spaces, including dining and gathering spaces.

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