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The Lookout | December 13, 2018

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Creativity and crescendos

Creativity and crescendos
The Lookout

Sarah Spohn

A&E Editor

Kazoos, spoons and a toy piano. No, these aren’t the goodie bag contents of a kid’s birthday party.

Add violins, percussion, guitars and a vibraphone to the mix and you have the LCC Experimental Music Ensemble. The ensemble performed in front of approximately 60 people in Dart Auditorium Dec. 3.

The free concert opened with “Soundpainting: Museik No. 10” by EME/H. Colding Jorgensen. The projector screen showed a painting, creating an art visual accompanied by the live sounds of the ensemble for a truly sensory experience.

Next was the student-composed piece “Toy Story.” Ensemble student Michael Steibel and co-director Cesar Potes wrote and arranged the piece for the live performance.

WLNZ Radio’s very own Brendan Hamilton narrated “Toy Story,” giving background on the various toys and objects that were heard during the quirky piece.

The song featured toys, makeshift instruments and the ever-classic kazoo.

LCC Music Lead Faculty Molly Cryderman-Weber said she always enjoys seeing the student work on display for all to hear.

“I really liked Mike’s piece,” Cryderman-Weber said. “It was educational but also very charming.”

The ensemble also reprised Terry Riley’s “In C,” which was performed live at MSU’s Broad Museum Nov. 24.

A total of 14 students performed in the Experimental Music Ensemble, and this concert featured pieces written by two of the students themselves.

The concert came to an end with Ashilee Roberts’ “Fusion Tune,” composed alongside Cesar Potes.

Student pieces were a highlight of the night.

“Ashilee’s piece was so fun,” Cryderman-Weber said. “It’s always a blast to see the students having fun while they perform, not being so serious. I thought it was great. … I’m always excited to hear what they play because it’s never the same with experimental, it’s always surprising somehow.”

The Experimental Music Ensemble has been on campus for six years, and is growing. This ensemble is open to anyone. Students can register for credit and community members are also welcome to sign up for the class.

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