Public checks out A&S renovations

Amber Glomb

Freelance Writer

Dozens of people filled the newly renovated Arts and Sciences (A&S)Building for the community open house Oct. 26.

The total cost of the renovations, which started in November of 2012, was $31 million, according to an LCC press release.

The tour consisted of over 20 different departmental demonstrations, as well as student music, a virtual tour, blue prints and much more.

The demonstrations included “Acid or Base?,” “A Smile is Worth a Thousand Words,” “It’s What’s Inside that Counts,” “The Beautiful Mind,” “Alternative Energy Learning” and “Virtual Reality Arc Welding.”

Among the tour attendees was LCC President Brent Knight, who explained there was much to see.

“There has been considerable publicity about this building,” Knight said. “We wanted to invite the public to come and see it.

“I think that this building and these spaces equal any college or any university in the nation for freshman and sophomores.”

LCC chemistry instructor Coretta Fernandes, who was involved in the “Acid or Base?” presentation, explained how the new labs and technology have helped her and the students.

“We are still finding our way around what works and what doesn’t work,” Fernandes said. “For the most part, we are really happy.

“We can modify the class to meet the needs of the students. We love having the storage area so we can quickly grab chemicals … We are enjoying it.”

LCC alumni Paul Wozniak said he enjoyed the open house experience.

“It’s incredible,” Wozniak said. “It’s very open and accessible. It’s shiny. It seems very welcoming and student-focused … It’s updated in a very chic, cool way.”

LCC music instructor Molly Cryderman-Weber, who used to teach in the A&S Building, said the tour experience was great.

“I love all the areas where students can study,” Cryderman-Weber said. “It’s nice there is a blend of the high-tech look and the natural.”

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